Day One: Deconstruction


Even though most of Team Combustion live in the OC/ LA area, we’re creating our derby masterpiece in the Antelope Valley (where Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle live). Our pals Scott and Ernie of  Classic Dreams generously offered their shop as project headquarters, and since none of us have room to store the car, nor have a lift, we happily accepted their offer. Thanks guys!!

Already, Scott and Ernie’s help has been invaluable. After getting the car home, Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle made a not-so-hot discovery:  The car had seven bent rods and one frozen valve. Ouch!

Scott and Ernie helped Team Combustion dodge a major bullet by stopping all work in their shop and repairing our derby car while Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle went to BFE to pick up new push rods. The guys think the car will be fine for the derby, but it is in need of a rebuild. So, another fun filled day in the world of old cars…

With that issue resolved (for now), we tackled the DECONSTRUCTION. Yee haw!

Saturday, four Team Combustion members (Miz Mayhem, Pantera Rosa, Fancy Nancy and Ms. McGRillicuddy) joined up with Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle in Lancaster to gut the darling beast.

Some had never deconstructed, so it became a day of learning. The motto when a stubborn something refused to give? “Walk away!” And another would give it try… like removing frozen screws that didn’t want to leave their home, and door panels that didn’t want to come off. By day’s end, they had several bins filled with stuff. Woo hoo!


Day One Jobs:

1. Gutted the interior

2. Removed exterior trim.

3. Removed headlights and taillights, including bezels.

4. Placed all salvageable parts in rubber maid bins

5. Removed emblems


 Yeah, it would’ve been easier to  smash out the windows, and pry bar off the trim, but someone else might need those very parts–so the girls took special care getting everything off. Maybe we’ll sell the parts to fund the project, or… who knows? Maybe we can resurrect our yet-to-be-named car after the derby and put her back together!

On that optimistic note, check out our treasures!! Ms. Finesse discovered these fun little army men while gutting the interior! Certainly appropriate for a car headed into battle. Perhaps they’ll be our little good luck charms!


The plan for next Weekend:

1. Remove door glass and hardware

2. Remove front and rear windows. (Front window is not salvageable)

3. Remove Dash and relocate wiring

4. Remove door handles and latches

5. Read derby rules and come up with a plan of attack for required modifications

6. Raise money!!!! (waiting for a sponsorship reply from NAPA)

7. Identify items needed for donation

8. Take a minute to let Scott and Ernie now how appreciative we are… 🙂


Check back next Monday for the latest on Team Combustion’s progress!


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