Why We’re Wrecking a Car…

Various friends have expressed some concern over our clubs decision to participate in a demolition derby. Why would a club who is steeped in the classic car world willingly choose to enter a straight-bodied ’68 Galaxie into a competition meant to smash it up!? In order to clearly communicate our intentions for anyone interested, I’ve decided to respond.

First and foremost, you need to recognize that this demolition derby is all about raising money to fight breast cancer. When the organizers approached the club, we thought it was a great opportunity to raise money for a great cause, the Susan G. Komen  for the Cure Foundation. In fact, cancer is something that has affected each one of our lives – either through personal experiences or that of friends and relatives.

Next, we saw it as a great opportunity to pursue our club’s #1 purpose – to increase our skill and knowledge of cars together. We’ve long wanted to do a build as a club, and this has been the first feasible way of doing so. And what better way to learn than on a car that doesn’t need to look pretty?!

While working on our own vehicles, sometimes we find ourselves scared to move forward for fear of making a irreversible or expensive mistakes. Just in the deconstruction stage of our build, the club has gotten experience with things we’d never done.  Things like taking trim off and windows out or removing window regulators and seeing how door locks come apart. As we continue this build we’ll have opportunities to learn welding, fabrication, and much more.

So while we too feel a pang of hurt at the thought of smashing our ’68 Galaxie up, we know it’s for good reason. If our timeline had allowed for us to search further and wider, perhaps we would have found something “better”. If the car wasn’t already destined for the scrap yard, perhaps we would have found something different.

But the Galaxie is what we’ve got and we think it’s got a lot of living yet to do. It will live on in the many parts we’ve salvaged. It will live on in the usable skills we’re learning during this build. It will live on during the derby and in any opportunity we can find. Most importantly, it will live on through the lives made better by the support raised to fight breast cancer. So while you’re welcome to your opinion, ours is – this Galaxie has a life worth living!!

-Kristin Martin
President, Gasoline Girls Motor Club

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