And the Work Goes On!


G.I. Muscle, Ms. Finesse, and Catz Meow put in a twelve hour day last Saturday and pounded out a ton o’ work on our Derby car.

Car number 42 (numbered after the year of Rosie the Riveter’s “We Can Do It!” poster) made her first trip up onto the lift… and oh boy! Was it nasty! The girls sprayed a bunch of “Home Defense Bug Spray” all over the undercarriage (cause G.I. Muscle DON’T DO SPIDERS). Then they went after the webs with a stick to clear them away, but didn’t get them all, which made G.I. Muscle rather unhappy: “Gross…still got webs on my hands!” Who woulda guessed a little spider could scare our toughest girl??

Next task? The exhaust. The girls got together with the boys of Classic Dreams, and did a little brainstormin’. We’d originally talked about doing some crazy headers, but the boys strongly advised against it because if we were hit in the front, the exhaust would get smashed and we wouldn’t be able to start the car should it stall out. Taking the exhaust all the way to the back was problematic for the same reason, getting mashed and pushing the engine forward. So the decision was made to cut the exhaust right at the transmission mount on both sides. The car will still sound loud as hell cause there are no mufflers, just a straight pipe, that stops midway under the car right where–no matter where the car get hits–the exhaust will not be an issue.

Then it was on to the transmission.

The tranny pan on our car was leaking worse than a male hooker with the clap, so Catz Meow and G.I. Muscle went to see their buddy Jorge and got a transmission pan gasket, transmission filter, and oil filter. Meanwhile, Ms. Finesse stayed back and did what she does best… cleaning and degreasing the undercarriage.

They got the transmission pan gasket installed, drained the oil pan, put on a new oil filter, completed the exhaust, and replaced the broken motor mount using one they dug up from the pile of new mounts in the back 40 of the boys shop. They found one that worked, kinda, although it had to be modified to fit. They also installed new valve cover gaskets, but couldn’t bolt it down without the missing valve cover bolts! They also replaced the drive belts.

Along with raising money for breast cancer research, participating in the derby has given many of our girls a chance to get greasy and learn. G.I. Muscle and Ms. Finesse guided Catz Meow through several projects last Saturday, and Catz now has the confidence to take on her own leaky transmission pan… so even though the derby hasn’t yet happened, we see this project as a success.

Next up? Replace upper and lower radiator hoses, put bolts in the valve covers, add all fluids back into the car, and generally, get the car running so we can do a thorough check. Dr. Destroyer is in the process of rebuilding the Autolite carb. Then the upper part of the engine degreasing can commence. For the first time since getting the car, the entire team will be together on June 16th, and hopefully, we can get the car to the next level.

Many thanks to Steve from Napa Eddings Brothers Auto Supply of Hawthorne for donating many of our needed parts! If you’re around the Hawthorne area, check them out. They’ve been in business since 1941 and are the oldest independently held Napa store! How cool is that?

Thanks also to Gasoline Girl friend Tommy for his very generous donation, and for being an all around amazing guy. Plus, he looks great in a G-Girl Supporter T!

Speaking of supporter Ts, if you want to help out with the cost of the derby build, check out our fine Loot available from the Gasoline Girls! Any money earned beyond our expenses will be donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

Thanks for keeping up with the project! If you haven’t already, go “LIKE” our Facebook page!


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