Rosie Runs!


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Saturday, nearly all of Team Miss Combustion got together to get their hands greasy on our derby car “Rosie”!  Yep, the poor girl finally has a name. Considering we numbered her after the year Rosie the Riveter was popularized (42), we figured Rosie suited her just fine. Much better than “the derby car,” which is what we’d been calling her. Or… um… Booby Trap.

In prep for our big wrench day, Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle gathered some needed parts: valve cover bolts, spark plugs and wires, and went to work degreasing the engine–over and over and over–until Ms. Finesse finally grabbed some pink paint and went to town. How appropriate for a breast cancer charity event, right?

Meanwhile, Doctor Destroyer rebuilt the Autolite Carb (and didn’t destroy it!). Amazingly, it wasn’t as gunked up as we would have expected. Still, it got new needle and seat, new diaphram, new power valve, bearings, new gaskets… and a real good cleaning.

Come wrench day, we had thirteen hands covering every part of Rosie. Doctor Destroyer and GI Muscle put the carb back on while Miss Adventure (the Pick-A-Part Pirate) changed a rather-difficult-to-reach lower radiator hose.

Lady Torque and our new participant Lisa learned to change spark plugs and plug wires…

…while Ms. McGrillicuddy gapped the plugs.

Inside the gutted Rosie…

… Kustom Maid and Miz Mayhem worked on plans to make our Miss Combustion as safe as possible, figuring out just how and where to reinforce the car (following the rules of course!)

Since we view the car as a “Learning Project,” Kustom Maid gave a little welding lesson. Check out these cool Ninja Welders! Go get ’em girls!

Catz Meow, Pantera Rosa, and Miss Jessie did some wet sanding in prep for paint… although trying to keep the sandpaper wet on a hot day in Palmdale with the winds searing their skin… wasn’t so easy, and maybe not such a great plan.

And for the grand finale of our wrench day…. we started her up, as you’ll see in this video below!

For all but Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle, it was the first time the G-Girls got to hear the 390 roar… and roar she did! After a bit of carb tuning (with the help of our pal Ernie)… Rosie held an idle! We jumped around and clapped and cheered like, well, girls.

Sadly, we’re not 100% yet. There is a bit of a problem mechanically. First thought was a blown head gasket, but after thinking back on the oil that came out of the car earlier (not milky), we determined the crankcase may have gotten a bit of water in it instead. Next step will be another oil change… then fire her up again. If the head gasket is blown, well… we’ll have a bit more work to do.

If not… we’ll move on to making all of the reinforcements Kustom Maid planned out, and paintin’ her up right purty! There will be a “Best Appearing Car” award, and by golly! We fully plan on winning that, especially since we’re the only girls in the derby who are actually building our own car and not buying one already done or having someone else do it. So what’s our paint plan, you ask? Ha! We’re not going to spill the beans just yet!  You’ll simply have to check back and see!

We want to take a second to thank Ms. Finesse for all of her work, and to wish her well. She’s having major back surgery today, and won’t be able to continuing working on the car… directly. But no matter what, she will continue to be a huge part of this project. Without her, we wouldn’t even have this fabulous car. So from all of the Gasoline Girls… we love ya, Ms. Finesse, and can’t wait until you’re back to your amazing go-getter never-quit self.

And as always to our readers, thanks for your continued support.


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