Wrenchin’ and Raisin’ Dough!

JUNE 14, 2012 – T-MINUS 28 DAYS TO DERBY TIME! Amazing how fast the time flies! Here we are, less than a month before the derby and still so much to do to meet our vision! Last wrench day, we fired Rosie up for the first time... but she had some issues due to water in the block from degreasing, so Saturday, the mechanical group got together to make sure Rosie has a fighting chance in the twenty minute derby. After draining the watery milkshake from the block and putting in fresh oil… …we pressure tested the system, traced some leaks and rectified them, and pressure tested again. And guess what? Rosie maintained pressure like a pinup queen in the final round! We filled all the fluids, hooked up the carb, replaced the air cleaner post with a longer one (so once we cut the hole in the hood, the air cleaner will rise out of the top), routed the new battery cables to the passenger seat and hooked up the battery, eliminated some unnecessary wiring, inspected the brake drums, rerouted the fuel lines to the fuel cell in the back seat, and flared the end of the line (something new for us)! Then we fired her up again. Yee haw! What a lean-mean-fighting-machine Rosie is! Hit play on the video below to listen for yourself! The welding crew leader Miz Mayhem and safety crew leader Hell-on-Wheels took final measurements for the reinforcing, and also picked up donated metal from Mark Miyashiro and his son Matt of M.D. Plumbing and General Contracting in the South Bay. Thanks much for your contribution, guys! This coming weekend the welding begins! Then it’s onto the fun stuff: paint! Our inspiration? Not gonna tell ya! You’ll just have to come to the derby for yourselves and see. And you won’t be disappointed!

Our fundraising event Sunday went off with a bang! Gasoline Girl participant Bella (aka Catz Meow) organized a stellar show. Classics lined up out front the Cinema Bar in Culver City (thanks Rob!)… …three amazing bands entertained us (thank you Ghost Town, The Vintage 45, and of course Bella Vega Music), we raffled prizes and auctioned items (thanks Dr. Rubin’s Pomade, Little Dress Shop, Julie Vega Jewelry, 66 Motor Palace, and all the G-girls who contributed their crafts), we ate delicious burgers (thanks to Ms.Finesse ‘s beer bath!), and of course feasted on cupcakes made to perfection by our Cookie Crumbles! To everyone who came out and made generous donations, we owe you our thanks. We can now write Susan G Komen a nice check, in addition to finishing our derby car. To see all the weekend pictures, click the above picture!

By the end of next Saturday, we should have a derby-ready car (fingers crossed) and can spend the next couple of weeks adding some Gasoline Girl pizazz! Check in next Monday for an update! THE DAMSELS OF DESTRUCTION DEMOLITION DERBY: WHEN: August 10th, 2012, 7pm WHERE: Orange County Fairgrounds TICKETS: General Admission with OC Fair entry, $11 – or – Reserved Seating through Ticketmaster $20 (includes Fair entrance)


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