Keeping Miss Combustion Safe…


Originally, we wanted all derby-car work done by members in our club. Unfortunately, scheduling doesn’t always cooperate. Our resident welder Pati (aka Kustom Maid) had a fabulous trip planned involving a high school reunion, and we couldn’t very well ask her to change that! But if we waited for her to return to do the welding and reinforcement, it would cut things too close… so Michelle and Rebecca (aka Ms. Mayhem and Hell-on-Wheels) called in some friends to lend a hand, and boy, do we owe RC and the OG a big thanks.

Under the guidance of the ladies (and the derby rule guide), the boys got all of the structural pieces welded into place (thanks to Tim Brown of 5150 Scooter for donating gas and wire for the welding!). Being Gasoline Girls, though, we couldn’t simply stand by and watch. Oh what a devilish smile Ms. Mayhem wears as she creates mayhem with metal, making holes for the hood chains!

Check out her mighty fine work! All four corners of the hood got chained…

…windshield mesh installed…

… the support bar in the driver’s door and across the cabin got welded in and the seat bolted into place…

… the door chained, three doors welded shut (the fourth will be done this upcoming weekend), plates put into place next to the bars…

…battery box installed, and the gas mount installed.

They also chained the trunk and back bumper.  Once again, Mark Miyashiro came through for us. When we figured out we needed holes in the plates, and didn’t have access to a drill press, he said, “Bring them by!” and he took care of it. Thanks Mark! We also swung by West Marine and got a different fuel cell since the one we had exceeded the requirements.

Miss Combustion got to do a trial run climbing in through the window to her driver’s seat–granted, she won’t be wearing a skirt derby night!

All that’s left in the reinforcing realm is welding the last door shut, putting the outside metal plates on after a bend is made,  installing the strapping for the gas tank, and padding the door. The mechanical team will step in again and tie up some loose ends and get her good and tuned… and we have a DERBY CAR!

If you haven’t done so yet, get your tickets to the derby and come cheer us on!  THE DAMSELS OF DESTRUCTION DEMOLITION DERBY: WHEN:  August 10th, 2012, 7pm WHERE: Orange County Fairgrounds TICKETS: General Admission with OC Fair entry, $11 – or – Reserved Seating through Ticketmaster $20 (includes Fair entrance).


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