Less than a week to go!


If it seems we’ve been quiet on the update front, it’s because we’ve been crankin’ out the work gettin’ Rosie ready to Rumble!

Two Saturdays ago, Ms. Mayhem and Hell-on-Wheels (the fabrication and safety crew chiefs) gathered up their team and finished up the odds and ends with the fabricating, and while they were at it, tuned Rosie so Miss Combustion could take her out on a test run! We’d hoped to share a video of Miss Combustion taking Rosie out for her first derby-styled test drive (complete with dirt donuts!), but sadly we haven’t been able to get our hands on it. Reckon you’ll just have to come out to the derby and see for yourself!

Things finished up:

Battery strapped down, kill switch installed, ignition kill switch installed, door foam installed, gas tank strapped down, gas line fitted to tank, final door plates added and welded, final door welded shut, negative battery ground relocated, carburetor adjusted, and (hopefully) fixed the transmission leak.

Once again we owe a big thanks to RC, the OG, and Ed for all their help. They got us out of a jam when our welder extraordinaire (Kustom Maid) was out of town. We certainly learned we need more than one welder in our club! Several of our Members have a desire to get proficient, and as a club, we plan to help them get there. Next project, look out!

And now for the final piece to our derby car puzzle. The paint.

This past weekend, the car made her final transformation into a lean-mean-destruction-machine. Kustom Maid brought her painting and design skills to the table, and spent the entire weekend (with the assistance of Miss Combustion and Dr. Destroyer) turning the car from a pretty cool patina’d survivor, into an old-style Nascar-like competition car!

Getting all of the lettering and logos onto the car proved quite tedious, but worth every hour. Kustom Maid is a creative whiz and truly went above and beyond! We thank her profusely for the many hours put into making our vision not only come to life, but exceed our expectations. Here’s a little peek… the trunk lid with the our main sponsor masked off. Thanks Eddings Brothers NAPA!

We’d love to post pictures of the final result and show off how great Rosie looks… but we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, would we?

You can, however, get a sneak peek Thursday morning on the KTLA news!! Starting at 5 a.m. Team Miss Combustion, along with a couple other derby drivers, will promote Friday night’s Damsels of Destruction event in style! Be sure to tune in and see the result of our summer of hard work.

The Gasoline Girls also represented on the radio! If you missed it,  Pantera Rosa and Miss Combustion made a guest appearance on KPFK  Saturday night and truly made us proud promoting not just the derby car, but the Gasoline Girls Motor Club in general. If you’d like to listen, click the LINK. It will take you to the archive page. Look for Canto Tropical, Saturday August 4th, 8:00 pm. The Gasoline Girl segment came on about 8:40.

Miss Combustion will also be on Speed Scene Live, the “fastest TV show on the web!” with our pal Bob Beck tomorrow night at 6! Be sure to tune in by clinking this link! You won’t regret it. Bob puts on a fantastic show.

And now… it’s come to the end. The build is done and the derby lies ahead. We want to acknowledge all of the time and dedication every G-Girl has put into this project, even if some don’t feel their contribution was much. Being part of a club means being part of a team and every contribution, no matter how small, helped. Lack of time or ability doesn’t matter, it’s the heart and the desire to be part of a unified group of ladies that counts.

First of all, we owe a big thanks to Jen for buying and donating the car, and to Jen and Rochelle both for doing all of the initial mechanical work, coordinating getting the car from point A to point B, tracking down parts, and putting heart and soul into it. You two certainly bore the brunt of the project in the early days, and we love ya for it!

To all of the girls who made the long drive to Palmdale and helped deconstruct Rosie in the heat and the dirt–it may not have been the most glamorous job, but highly necessary and we thank you.

Thanks to the Mechanical crew who got in there and got greasy to assure Rosie runs to the best of her ability.

Thanks to the Fabrication and Safety crews who gave up two consecutive weekends making sure Miss Combustion will be safe in her cage.

And thanks to the Paint Crew for bringing out Rosie’s true personality and giving us a car we can BE PROUD OF!!

Thanks also to Michelle and Rebecca for hitting every car event in Southern California (Michelle hit 6 in one day!!) and promoting the heck out of this event! It should be a packed house!

And lastly, thanks to all of the supporters and sponsors who helped make this possible! We appreciate every one of you.

OKAY! Enough of the mushy stuff! Come on out and watch us dominate and destroy THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!! Tickets are still available. We promise not to disappoint:

WHEN:  August 10th, 2012, 8pm

WHERE: Orange County Fairgrounds

TICKETS: General Admission with OC Fair entry ($11) – or – Reserved Seating through Ticketmaster ($20 and includes Fair entrance).



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