Project Demo Derby: Complete!

Two weeks ago we participated in the Damsels of Destruction derby…and tomorrow Rosie will have “Rosie’s Revenge” at the Antelope Valley Fair Derby. “Revenge?” you may ask. Let’s catch up….

A couple days before the derby Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle came down to trailer Rosie to Thursday’s early morning newscast. Since the interview was cancelled last minute, the gals decided to make use of their time and continue on improvements. During the course of which, an accident occurred.

Rosie was apparently not so happy about the idea of getting smashed up and wanted to do some smashing of her own. When a person stands before a car who wants to smash something…the outcome is awful. Rosie went right for Ms. Finesse, landing her in the hospital.

Ever a trooper, Ms. Finesse insisted that we continue – and in fact escaped the hospital to make it to the derby herself! We’re all standing by as Ms.Finesse continues her healing and we’ve all been awakened to the importance of safety precautions when working on cars.

Come derby night, Rosie was in place and ready for her spotlight moment. She gave us one last little hiccup (changing the thermostat housing) to deal with before the big moment – but when the time came, she was ready. Everyone loved her.

The derby officials couldn’t stop commenting how great the build was and wishing they could show it to other derby folks as an example of how to build a derby-spec car!

When Rosie finally rolled out to the dirt…the crowd loved her. Cheering for a winner, the crowd chose Rosie as “Best Appearing Car.”

Come derby time, Miss Combustion couldn’t wait to orchestrate some serious metal crushing. With all the participants at their marks around the derby track, demolition time began! Cars were backing up into each other as fast as they could maneuver around and into reverse.

Just a couple minutes into the destruction, Rosie took a good hit on the front passenger side – deflating the tire. Miss Combustion was determined to stay in as long as possible though. Pulling up to reverse another time into the closest victim, Rosie shut off.

Per derby rules, if you haven’t moved in 3 minutes you’re out. Miss Combustion tried and tried again to get Rosie to start, but she was as dead as door knob. Toggling switches and giving the dash the good ol’ Fozie smack did no good. After 3 minutes of failed ignition attempts, Rosie was out.

The derby continued none-the-less. The last three cars in the ring, were Holly Car-Crash-Again, Pamella Slamderson, and Elvirah Smashtress of the Dark. It was amazing to see the cars still running with so much damage done!

When it came down to Elvirah and Pamella, it seemed like it would go on forever. Elvirah’s Cadillac didn’t look like it should be moving, and was barely recognizable as a car from behind, but it kept creeping around that derby track and finding Pamella as a target! In the end, Elvirah (aka Tiffany) took home the golden trophy for 1st place!

Rosie thought she had gotten out of the demolition, but it’s not so. She had trickily booted off her ground battery cable during getting hit at the first derby (who knew “tight” isn’t tight enough when you’ll be smashed into!) Lucky for us that she’s in such good shape…because well-earned revenge will be had! G.I. Muscle has made some further modifications to Rosie and will be piloting her at the Antelope Valley Fair Derby this coming Sunday.

All in all, the derby was a success! Totaling over $7000 dollars raised for the Susan G. Komen Foundation (not too bad for year #1)! We can be proud of our accomplishments, lessons, and the hand we had in raising this money and being part of the first-ever Damsels of Destruction.

We’ve said it before and will say it again—we couldn’t have done this without each and every club member pitching in as well as a whole list of sponsors and supporters! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,  to each and every one of you!!


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