Project Demo Derby: Complete!

Two weeks ago we participated in the Damsels of Destruction derby…and tomorrow Rosie will have “Rosie’s Revenge” at the Antelope Valley Fair Derby. “Revenge?” you may ask. Let’s catch up….

A couple days before the derby Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle came down to trailer Rosie to Thursday’s early morning newscast. Since the interview was cancelled last minute, the gals decided to make use of their time and continue on improvements. During the course of which, an accident occurred.

Rosie was apparently not so happy about the idea of getting smashed up and wanted to do some smashing of her own. When a person stands before a car who wants to smash something…the outcome is awful. Rosie went right for Ms. Finesse, landing her in the hospital.

Ever a trooper, Ms. Finesse insisted that we continue – and in fact escaped the hospital to make it to the derby herself! We’re all standing by as Ms.Finesse continues her healing and we’ve all been awakened to the importance of safety precautions when working on cars.

Come derby night, Rosie was in place and ready for her spotlight moment. She gave us one last little hiccup (changing the thermostat housing) to deal with before the big moment – but when the time came, she was ready. Everyone loved her.

The derby officials couldn’t stop commenting how great the build was and wishing they could show it to other derby folks as an example of how to build a derby-spec car!

When Rosie finally rolled out to the dirt…the crowd loved her. Cheering for a winner, the crowd chose Rosie as “Best Appearing Car.”

Come derby time, Miss Combustion couldn’t wait to orchestrate some serious metal crushing. With all the participants at their marks around the derby track, demolition time began! Cars were backing up into each other as fast as they could maneuver around and into reverse.

Just a couple minutes into the destruction, Rosie took a good hit on the front passenger side – deflating the tire. Miss Combustion was determined to stay in as long as possible though. Pulling up to reverse another time into the closest victim, Rosie shut off.

Per derby rules, if you haven’t moved in 3 minutes you’re out. Miss Combustion tried and tried again to get Rosie to start, but she was as dead as door knob. Toggling switches and giving the dash the good ol’ Fozie smack did no good. After 3 minutes of failed ignition attempts, Rosie was out.

The derby continued none-the-less. The last three cars in the ring, were Holly Car-Crash-Again, Pamella Slamderson, and Elvirah Smashtress of the Dark. It was amazing to see the cars still running with so much damage done!

When it came down to Elvirah and Pamella, it seemed like it would go on forever. Elvirah’s Cadillac didn’t look like it should be moving, and was barely recognizable as a car from behind, but it kept creeping around that derby track and finding Pamella as a target! In the end, Elvirah (aka Tiffany) took home the golden trophy for 1st place!

Rosie thought she had gotten out of the demolition, but it’s not so. She had trickily booted off her ground battery cable during getting hit at the first derby (who knew “tight” isn’t tight enough when you’ll be smashed into!) Lucky for us that she’s in such good shape…because well-earned revenge will be had! G.I. Muscle has made some further modifications to Rosie and will be piloting her at the Antelope Valley Fair Derby this coming Sunday.

All in all, the derby was a success! Totaling over $7000 dollars raised for the Susan G. Komen Foundation (not too bad for year #1)! We can be proud of our accomplishments, lessons, and the hand we had in raising this money and being part of the first-ever Damsels of Destruction.

We’ve said it before and will say it again—we couldn’t have done this without each and every club member pitching in as well as a whole list of sponsors and supporters! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,  to each and every one of you!!


Less than a week to go!


If it seems we’ve been quiet on the update front, it’s because we’ve been crankin’ out the work gettin’ Rosie ready to Rumble!

Two Saturdays ago, Ms. Mayhem and Hell-on-Wheels (the fabrication and safety crew chiefs) gathered up their team and finished up the odds and ends with the fabricating, and while they were at it, tuned Rosie so Miss Combustion could take her out on a test run! We’d hoped to share a video of Miss Combustion taking Rosie out for her first derby-styled test drive (complete with dirt donuts!), but sadly we haven’t been able to get our hands on it. Reckon you’ll just have to come out to the derby and see for yourself!

Things finished up:

Battery strapped down, kill switch installed, ignition kill switch installed, door foam installed, gas tank strapped down, gas line fitted to tank, final door plates added and welded, final door welded shut, negative battery ground relocated, carburetor adjusted, and (hopefully) fixed the transmission leak.

Once again we owe a big thanks to RC, the OG, and Ed for all their help. They got us out of a jam when our welder extraordinaire (Kustom Maid) was out of town. We certainly learned we need more than one welder in our club! Several of our Members have a desire to get proficient, and as a club, we plan to help them get there. Next project, look out!

And now for the final piece to our derby car puzzle. The paint.

This past weekend, the car made her final transformation into a lean-mean-destruction-machine. Kustom Maid brought her painting and design skills to the table, and spent the entire weekend (with the assistance of Miss Combustion and Dr. Destroyer) turning the car from a pretty cool patina’d survivor, into an old-style Nascar-like competition car!

Getting all of the lettering and logos onto the car proved quite tedious, but worth every hour. Kustom Maid is a creative whiz and truly went above and beyond! We thank her profusely for the many hours put into making our vision not only come to life, but exceed our expectations. Here’s a little peek… the trunk lid with the our main sponsor masked off. Thanks Eddings Brothers NAPA!

We’d love to post pictures of the final result and show off how great Rosie looks… but we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, would we?

You can, however, get a sneak peek Thursday morning on the KTLA news!! Starting at 5 a.m. Team Miss Combustion, along with a couple other derby drivers, will promote Friday night’s Damsels of Destruction event in style! Be sure to tune in and see the result of our summer of hard work.

The Gasoline Girls also represented on the radio! If you missed it,  Pantera Rosa and Miss Combustion made a guest appearance on KPFK  Saturday night and truly made us proud promoting not just the derby car, but the Gasoline Girls Motor Club in general. If you’d like to listen, click the LINK. It will take you to the archive page. Look for Canto Tropical, Saturday August 4th, 8:00 pm. The Gasoline Girl segment came on about 8:40.

Miss Combustion will also be on Speed Scene Live, the “fastest TV show on the web!” with our pal Bob Beck tomorrow night at 6! Be sure to tune in by clinking this link! You won’t regret it. Bob puts on a fantastic show.

And now… it’s come to the end. The build is done and the derby lies ahead. We want to acknowledge all of the time and dedication every G-Girl has put into this project, even if some don’t feel their contribution was much. Being part of a club means being part of a team and every contribution, no matter how small, helped. Lack of time or ability doesn’t matter, it’s the heart and the desire to be part of a unified group of ladies that counts.

First of all, we owe a big thanks to Jen for buying and donating the car, and to Jen and Rochelle both for doing all of the initial mechanical work, coordinating getting the car from point A to point B, tracking down parts, and putting heart and soul into it. You two certainly bore the brunt of the project in the early days, and we love ya for it!

To all of the girls who made the long drive to Palmdale and helped deconstruct Rosie in the heat and the dirt–it may not have been the most glamorous job, but highly necessary and we thank you.

Thanks to the Mechanical crew who got in there and got greasy to assure Rosie runs to the best of her ability.

Thanks to the Fabrication and Safety crews who gave up two consecutive weekends making sure Miss Combustion will be safe in her cage.

And thanks to the Paint Crew for bringing out Rosie’s true personality and giving us a car we can BE PROUD OF!!

Thanks also to Michelle and Rebecca for hitting every car event in Southern California (Michelle hit 6 in one day!!) and promoting the heck out of this event! It should be a packed house!

And lastly, thanks to all of the supporters and sponsors who helped make this possible! We appreciate every one of you.

OKAY! Enough of the mushy stuff! Come on out and watch us dominate and destroy THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!! Tickets are still available. We promise not to disappoint:

WHEN:  August 10th, 2012, 8pm

WHERE: Orange County Fairgrounds

TICKETS: General Admission with OC Fair entry ($11) – or – Reserved Seating through Ticketmaster ($20 and includes Fair entrance).


Keeping Miss Combustion Safe…


Originally, we wanted all derby-car work done by members in our club. Unfortunately, scheduling doesn’t always cooperate. Our resident welder Pati (aka Kustom Maid) had a fabulous trip planned involving a high school reunion, and we couldn’t very well ask her to change that! But if we waited for her to return to do the welding and reinforcement, it would cut things too close… so Michelle and Rebecca (aka Ms. Mayhem and Hell-on-Wheels) called in some friends to lend a hand, and boy, do we owe RC and the OG a big thanks.

Under the guidance of the ladies (and the derby rule guide), the boys got all of the structural pieces welded into place (thanks to Tim Brown of 5150 Scooter for donating gas and wire for the welding!). Being Gasoline Girls, though, we couldn’t simply stand by and watch. Oh what a devilish smile Ms. Mayhem wears as she creates mayhem with metal, making holes for the hood chains!

Check out her mighty fine work! All four corners of the hood got chained…

…windshield mesh installed…

… the support bar in the driver’s door and across the cabin got welded in and the seat bolted into place…

… the door chained, three doors welded shut (the fourth will be done this upcoming weekend), plates put into place next to the bars…

…battery box installed, and the gas mount installed.

They also chained the trunk and back bumper.  Once again, Mark Miyashiro came through for us. When we figured out we needed holes in the plates, and didn’t have access to a drill press, he said, “Bring them by!” and he took care of it. Thanks Mark! We also swung by West Marine and got a different fuel cell since the one we had exceeded the requirements.

Miss Combustion got to do a trial run climbing in through the window to her driver’s seat–granted, she won’t be wearing a skirt derby night!

All that’s left in the reinforcing realm is welding the last door shut, putting the outside metal plates on after a bend is made,  installing the strapping for the gas tank, and padding the door. The mechanical team will step in again and tie up some loose ends and get her good and tuned… and we have a DERBY CAR!

If you haven’t done so yet, get your tickets to the derby and come cheer us on!  THE DAMSELS OF DESTRUCTION DEMOLITION DERBY: WHEN:  August 10th, 2012, 7pm WHERE: Orange County Fairgrounds TICKETS: General Admission with OC Fair entry, $11 – or – Reserved Seating through Ticketmaster $20 (includes Fair entrance).

Wrenchin’ and Raisin’ Dough!

JUNE 14, 2012 – T-MINUS 28 DAYS TO DERBY TIME! Amazing how fast the time flies! Here we are, less than a month before the derby and still so much to do to meet our vision! Last wrench day, we fired Rosie up for the first time... but she had some issues due to water in the block from degreasing, so Saturday, the mechanical group got together to make sure Rosie has a fighting chance in the twenty minute derby. After draining the watery milkshake from the block and putting in fresh oil… …we pressure tested the system, traced some leaks and rectified them, and pressure tested again. And guess what? Rosie maintained pressure like a pinup queen in the final round! We filled all the fluids, hooked up the carb, replaced the air cleaner post with a longer one (so once we cut the hole in the hood, the air cleaner will rise out of the top), routed the new battery cables to the passenger seat and hooked up the battery, eliminated some unnecessary wiring, inspected the brake drums, rerouted the fuel lines to the fuel cell in the back seat, and flared the end of the line (something new for us)! Then we fired her up again. Yee haw! What a lean-mean-fighting-machine Rosie is! Hit play on the video below to listen for yourself! The welding crew leader Miz Mayhem and safety crew leader Hell-on-Wheels took final measurements for the reinforcing, and also picked up donated metal from Mark Miyashiro and his son Matt of M.D. Plumbing and General Contracting in the South Bay. Thanks much for your contribution, guys! This coming weekend the welding begins! Then it’s onto the fun stuff: paint! Our inspiration? Not gonna tell ya! You’ll just have to come to the derby for yourselves and see. And you won’t be disappointed!

Our fundraising event Sunday went off with a bang! Gasoline Girl participant Bella (aka Catz Meow) organized a stellar show. Classics lined up out front the Cinema Bar in Culver City (thanks Rob!)… …three amazing bands entertained us (thank you Ghost Town, The Vintage 45, and of course Bella Vega Music), we raffled prizes and auctioned items (thanks Dr. Rubin’s Pomade, Little Dress Shop, Julie Vega Jewelry, 66 Motor Palace, and all the G-girls who contributed their crafts), we ate delicious burgers (thanks to Ms.Finesse ‘s beer bath!), and of course feasted on cupcakes made to perfection by our Cookie Crumbles! To everyone who came out and made generous donations, we owe you our thanks. We can now write Susan G Komen a nice check, in addition to finishing our derby car. To see all the weekend pictures, click the above picture!

By the end of next Saturday, we should have a derby-ready car (fingers crossed) and can spend the next couple of weeks adding some Gasoline Girl pizazz! Check in next Monday for an update! THE DAMSELS OF DESTRUCTION DEMOLITION DERBY: WHEN: August 10th, 2012, 7pm WHERE: Orange County Fairgrounds TICKETS: General Admission with OC Fair entry, $11 – or – Reserved Seating through Ticketmaster $20 (includes Fair entrance)

Rosie Runs!


Click the pic to see all of the pictures from the day!

Saturday, nearly all of Team Miss Combustion got together to get their hands greasy on our derby car “Rosie”!  Yep, the poor girl finally has a name. Considering we numbered her after the year Rosie the Riveter was popularized (42), we figured Rosie suited her just fine. Much better than “the derby car,” which is what we’d been calling her. Or… um… Booby Trap.

In prep for our big wrench day, Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle gathered some needed parts: valve cover bolts, spark plugs and wires, and went to work degreasing the engine–over and over and over–until Ms. Finesse finally grabbed some pink paint and went to town. How appropriate for a breast cancer charity event, right?

Meanwhile, Doctor Destroyer rebuilt the Autolite Carb (and didn’t destroy it!). Amazingly, it wasn’t as gunked up as we would have expected. Still, it got new needle and seat, new diaphram, new power valve, bearings, new gaskets… and a real good cleaning.

Come wrench day, we had thirteen hands covering every part of Rosie. Doctor Destroyer and GI Muscle put the carb back on while Miss Adventure (the Pick-A-Part Pirate) changed a rather-difficult-to-reach lower radiator hose.

Lady Torque and our new participant Lisa learned to change spark plugs and plug wires…

…while Ms. McGrillicuddy gapped the plugs.

Inside the gutted Rosie…

… Kustom Maid and Miz Mayhem worked on plans to make our Miss Combustion as safe as possible, figuring out just how and where to reinforce the car (following the rules of course!)

Since we view the car as a “Learning Project,” Kustom Maid gave a little welding lesson. Check out these cool Ninja Welders! Go get ’em girls!

Catz Meow, Pantera Rosa, and Miss Jessie did some wet sanding in prep for paint… although trying to keep the sandpaper wet on a hot day in Palmdale with the winds searing their skin… wasn’t so easy, and maybe not such a great plan.

And for the grand finale of our wrench day…. we started her up, as you’ll see in this video below!

For all but Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle, it was the first time the G-Girls got to hear the 390 roar… and roar she did! After a bit of carb tuning (with the help of our pal Ernie)… Rosie held an idle! We jumped around and clapped and cheered like, well, girls.

Sadly, we’re not 100% yet. There is a bit of a problem mechanically. First thought was a blown head gasket, but after thinking back on the oil that came out of the car earlier (not milky), we determined the crankcase may have gotten a bit of water in it instead. Next step will be another oil change… then fire her up again. If the head gasket is blown, well… we’ll have a bit more work to do.

If not… we’ll move on to making all of the reinforcements Kustom Maid planned out, and paintin’ her up right purty! There will be a “Best Appearing Car” award, and by golly! We fully plan on winning that, especially since we’re the only girls in the derby who are actually building our own car and not buying one already done or having someone else do it. So what’s our paint plan, you ask? Ha! We’re not going to spill the beans just yet!  You’ll simply have to check back and see!

We want to take a second to thank Ms. Finesse for all of her work, and to wish her well. She’s having major back surgery today, and won’t be able to continuing working on the car… directly. But no matter what, she will continue to be a huge part of this project. Without her, we wouldn’t even have this fabulous car. So from all of the Gasoline Girls… we love ya, Ms. Finesse, and can’t wait until you’re back to your amazing go-getter never-quit self.

And as always to our readers, thanks for your continued support.

And the Work Goes On!


G.I. Muscle, Ms. Finesse, and Catz Meow put in a twelve hour day last Saturday and pounded out a ton o’ work on our Derby car.

Car number 42 (numbered after the year of Rosie the Riveter’s “We Can Do It!” poster) made her first trip up onto the lift… and oh boy! Was it nasty! The girls sprayed a bunch of “Home Defense Bug Spray” all over the undercarriage (cause G.I. Muscle DON’T DO SPIDERS). Then they went after the webs with a stick to clear them away, but didn’t get them all, which made G.I. Muscle rather unhappy: “Gross…still got webs on my hands!” Who woulda guessed a little spider could scare our toughest girl??

Next task? The exhaust. The girls got together with the boys of Classic Dreams, and did a little brainstormin’. We’d originally talked about doing some crazy headers, but the boys strongly advised against it because if we were hit in the front, the exhaust would get smashed and we wouldn’t be able to start the car should it stall out. Taking the exhaust all the way to the back was problematic for the same reason, getting mashed and pushing the engine forward. So the decision was made to cut the exhaust right at the transmission mount on both sides. The car will still sound loud as hell cause there are no mufflers, just a straight pipe, that stops midway under the car right where–no matter where the car get hits–the exhaust will not be an issue.

Then it was on to the transmission.

The tranny pan on our car was leaking worse than a male hooker with the clap, so Catz Meow and G.I. Muscle went to see their buddy Jorge and got a transmission pan gasket, transmission filter, and oil filter. Meanwhile, Ms. Finesse stayed back and did what she does best… cleaning and degreasing the undercarriage.

They got the transmission pan gasket installed, drained the oil pan, put on a new oil filter, completed the exhaust, and replaced the broken motor mount using one they dug up from the pile of new mounts in the back 40 of the boys shop. They found one that worked, kinda, although it had to be modified to fit. They also installed new valve cover gaskets, but couldn’t bolt it down without the missing valve cover bolts! They also replaced the drive belts.

Along with raising money for breast cancer research, participating in the derby has given many of our girls a chance to get greasy and learn. G.I. Muscle and Ms. Finesse guided Catz Meow through several projects last Saturday, and Catz now has the confidence to take on her own leaky transmission pan… so even though the derby hasn’t yet happened, we see this project as a success.

Next up? Replace upper and lower radiator hoses, put bolts in the valve covers, add all fluids back into the car, and generally, get the car running so we can do a thorough check. Dr. Destroyer is in the process of rebuilding the Autolite carb. Then the upper part of the engine degreasing can commence. For the first time since getting the car, the entire team will be together on June 16th, and hopefully, we can get the car to the next level.

Many thanks to Steve from Napa Eddings Brothers Auto Supply of Hawthorne for donating many of our needed parts! If you’re around the Hawthorne area, check them out. They’ve been in business since 1941 and are the oldest independently held Napa store! How cool is that?

Thanks also to Gasoline Girl friend Tommy for his very generous donation, and for being an all around amazing guy. Plus, he looks great in a G-Girl Supporter T!

Speaking of supporter Ts, if you want to help out with the cost of the derby build, check out our fine Loot available from the Gasoline Girls! Any money earned beyond our expenses will be donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

Thanks for keeping up with the project! If you haven’t already, go “LIKE” our Facebook page!

Why We’re Wrecking a Car…

Various friends have expressed some concern over our clubs decision to participate in a demolition derby. Why would a club who is steeped in the classic car world willingly choose to enter a straight-bodied ’68 Galaxie into a competition meant to smash it up!? In order to clearly communicate our intentions for anyone interested, I’ve decided to respond.

First and foremost, you need to recognize that this demolition derby is all about raising money to fight breast cancer. When the organizers approached the club, we thought it was a great opportunity to raise money for a great cause, the Susan G. Komen  for the Cure Foundation. In fact, cancer is something that has affected each one of our lives – either through personal experiences or that of friends and relatives.

Next, we saw it as a great opportunity to pursue our club’s #1 purpose – to increase our skill and knowledge of cars together. We’ve long wanted to do a build as a club, and this has been the first feasible way of doing so. And what better way to learn than on a car that doesn’t need to look pretty?!

While working on our own vehicles, sometimes we find ourselves scared to move forward for fear of making a irreversible or expensive mistakes. Just in the deconstruction stage of our build, the club has gotten experience with things we’d never done.  Things like taking trim off and windows out or removing window regulators and seeing how door locks come apart. As we continue this build we’ll have opportunities to learn welding, fabrication, and much more.

So while we too feel a pang of hurt at the thought of smashing our ’68 Galaxie up, we know it’s for good reason. If our timeline had allowed for us to search further and wider, perhaps we would have found something “better”. If the car wasn’t already destined for the scrap yard, perhaps we would have found something different.

But the Galaxie is what we’ve got and we think it’s got a lot of living yet to do. It will live on in the many parts we’ve salvaged. It will live on in the usable skills we’re learning during this build. It will live on during the derby and in any opportunity we can find. Most importantly, it will live on through the lives made better by the support raised to fight breast cancer. So while you’re welcome to your opinion, ours is – this Galaxie has a life worth living!!

-Kristin Martin
President, Gasoline Girls Motor Club

Day Two: Deconstruction


The goal for our second day of deconstruction was simple: FINISH THE DECONSTRUCTION! Team Combustion exploded into action and guess what? We got it done! Yee haw!

Our list for the day:

  • Take out all glass
  • Take out window regulators, door handles, and door locks
  • Take out striker panels
  • Finish removing the trim pieces, including the front and rear bezels and trunk
  • Remove old seatbelts
  • Take a new persona pic for Miss Combustion!
  • Make a parts list to give to our friends at the Eddings Bros NAPA store in Hawthorne who are sponsoring our parts!

Overall, things went swimmingly! Each member of Team Combustion worked in pairs to remove the windows, regulators, door locks, strikers, and finished in no time flat! Some of the exterior trim pieces put up a bit of a fight, but G.I. Muscle and Doctor Destroyer took care of them… and how! All of the glass came out without shattering, even the cracked front windshield.

All of the removed trim and glass will be sold by the team to help raise money for the project, so if you’re lookin’ for some Galaxie trim, hit us up! We just might be able to help ya out!

Want to help us out? We have oil rags with the Gasoline Girl logo on them for sale to help fund this project, along with a newly designed Gasoline Girl Supporter shirt available soon, or if you just want to make a donation because you believe in what you’re doing, by all means… look over to your right and click the donate button! We thank you very much.


Next up:

  • Begin gathering our needed parts to get her running good enough for the derby
  • Put together all of the safety gear needed
  • Rebuild the carburetor
  • Design the safety cages and get to weldin’!


Day One: Deconstruction


Even though most of Team Combustion live in the OC/ LA area, we’re creating our derby masterpiece in the Antelope Valley (where Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle live). Our pals Scott and Ernie of  Classic Dreams generously offered their shop as project headquarters, and since none of us have room to store the car, nor have a lift, we happily accepted their offer. Thanks guys!!

Already, Scott and Ernie’s help has been invaluable. After getting the car home, Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle made a not-so-hot discovery:  The car had seven bent rods and one frozen valve. Ouch!

Scott and Ernie helped Team Combustion dodge a major bullet by stopping all work in their shop and repairing our derby car while Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle went to BFE to pick up new push rods. The guys think the car will be fine for the derby, but it is in need of a rebuild. So, another fun filled day in the world of old cars…

With that issue resolved (for now), we tackled the DECONSTRUCTION. Yee haw!

Saturday, four Team Combustion members (Miz Mayhem, Pantera Rosa, Fancy Nancy and Ms. McGRillicuddy) joined up with Ms. Finesse and G.I. Muscle in Lancaster to gut the darling beast.

Some had never deconstructed, so it became a day of learning. The motto when a stubborn something refused to give? “Walk away!” And another would give it try… like removing frozen screws that didn’t want to leave their home, and door panels that didn’t want to come off. By day’s end, they had several bins filled with stuff. Woo hoo!


Day One Jobs:

1. Gutted the interior

2. Removed exterior trim.

3. Removed headlights and taillights, including bezels.

4. Placed all salvageable parts in rubber maid bins

5. Removed emblems


 Yeah, it would’ve been easier to  smash out the windows, and pry bar off the trim, but someone else might need those very parts–so the girls took special care getting everything off. Maybe we’ll sell the parts to fund the project, or… who knows? Maybe we can resurrect our yet-to-be-named car after the derby and put her back together!

On that optimistic note, check out our treasures!! Ms. Finesse discovered these fun little army men while gutting the interior! Certainly appropriate for a car headed into battle. Perhaps they’ll be our little good luck charms!


The plan for next Weekend:

1. Remove door glass and hardware

2. Remove front and rear windows. (Front window is not salvageable)

3. Remove Dash and relocate wiring

4. Remove door handles and latches

5. Read derby rules and come up with a plan of attack for required modifications

6. Raise money!!!! (waiting for a sponsorship reply from NAPA)

7. Identify items needed for donation

8. Take a minute to let Scott and Ernie now how appreciative we are… 🙂


Check back next Monday for the latest on Team Combustion’s progress!

The Car

When we were first asked to participate in the Demolition Derby, we were stoked! We loved the idea of deconstructing and building a car. But then it dawned on us: Oh hell! Our car was going to get smashed up! We love cars, that’s why we’re part of a car club.  The idea of smashing up any vintage American steel kinda makes us cringe… but cancer makes us cringe even more. If we can help in some small way to raise funds, that’s what we want to do. And hey! Maybe we can even resurrect our car after the Derby!

Here she is: A 1968 Galaxie 500, our yet-to-be-named Demolition Car. Over the next few months, we’ll transform her from a junker into a beautiful star, one fit for MISS COMBUSTION and her GASOLINE GIRLS!

On Saturday (April 28th) the deconstruction begins. Several of the ladies will head up to Lancaster to remove windows and seats in prep for the build. Be sure to check back to read all about their weekend’s work.

We have until August to get her ready for the Derby… where she’ll get smashed up. :( Ouch. That’s hard to even type that. (…it’s for a good cause, it’s for a good cause, it’s for a good cause…)