The Team


Our Smashingly Grand Driver

Don’t let that sweet face fool ya! When she gets that spark in her eye, look out! The brow raises, the red-nailed hands grip the wheel, the mouth puckers, the pistons start pounding… and Boom! She’s on fire! Look out you other derby drivers… Miss Combustion’s gonna blow your mind!



Chief Stuff Breaker

Dr. Destroyer doesn’t need Red Bull to fuel her! She’s got natural energy galore and some seriously freakish strength. Need a stubborn bolt cracked? She’s yer girl. Need precision work? Run away! This girlie can destroy parts faster than a hillbilly can eat a bowl o’ beans  (and she should know, being from hillbilly blood and all…)!



Entertainment Diva Extraordinaire

Catz Meow loves the purrrfect sound of roaring engines and mufflers in her lil’ ol’ ears, almost as much as the G-Girls love to hear her croon to the moon! Kitten is as kitten does, so don’t be surprised if the claws come out to deal with nasty motor oil leaks or unscrupulous competitors!



Don’t Mess with Mayhem!

Always there, lurking in the background, awaiting an opportunity for madness, a soundtrack of heavy-metal surrounding her! Just when you least expect it, BAM! Mayhem strikes! Look out body panels, Mayhem’s comin’ your way! You think you’re a fighter? Just wait ’til  Miz Mayhem gets her hands on ya!



Putting the GRRR in Girl!

You won’t hear this sly Pink Panther creeping up on you! She may seem quiet at first, but underneath that demure facade lurks a ferocious beast. When she gets her petite self into a garage and under a car, her pink turns to black, and the soft growl crescendos to a roar, like the engine of destruction that she is!


Wacky Schemer!

You never know what kind of nutty notions will come into this girl’s noggin–stompin’ motor oil with her bare feet, loading nuts and bolts in candy boxes, cookin’ up ways to meet the legends of the car world! But put a wrench in her hand, and her boundless energy transforms her from silly Lucy to Lucille-Balls-to-the-Wall!


Never underestimate a lady!

Everyone knows that goodness has nothing to do with it. Fancy Nancy knows a little bad can go a long way, especially with a possessed car who has it’s own say. She knows how to use her feminine wiles to make things happen. And when she slides on the gloves? No one can get in her way.



Muscle Mania!

Nothing intimidates G.I. Muscle, not a Pitman arm, or a stuck drum, or even a bolt with fifty years of rust! Impact guns are for chumps. If you need to get the job done quick, call in the real guns… G.I. Muscle! And soldier up for battle done right.


The Engine Whisperer…

Brilliantly perceptive Ms. Finesse can lay a hand on the problem and feel the answer. Precision work is her speciality. So when Doctor Destroyer and G.I. Muscle mess things up, Ms. Finesse comes in and sweeps away the chaos. Negotiate with her? Forget about it! She could charm the rattle off a snake. A word of advice: keep your wallet close and your pink slips closer!



If She Makes it, They Will Come…

Cut, weld, cast, and paint–Kustom Maid can design and fabricate almost anything automotive. Sparks fly, metal falls, works of art form, all under the guidance of her skillful hands and watchful eye. “We can do it!” Honey, Kustom Maid ALREADY did!



Don’t Tread on Me!

Attitude? No way. Call it confidence. Hell-on-Wheels can burn the tires off any car on the drag strip… which is why she’s good at shoeing ’em. If you see a column of black smoke rising from the earth, don’t panic, it’s just Hell-on-Wheels leaving her mark!



Nothing loose about this girl!

Righty tighty, lefty loosey is the name of Lady Torque’s game! Marginally tightened bolts can create mayhem in a car (and not the good kind like our Miz Mayhem), but never fear! Lady Torque is here! This Dame of Torque knows when the threads are seated just right! You won’t see any bolts fallin’ out on her watch!



This lady can cook her way outta any jam!

Ms. Cookie Crumbles knows the secret recipe to winning the derby! She keeps all the Miss Combustion teamed fueled up and ready to rumble! If you get caught up in the mix don’t whine, don’t cry, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles!



 The Pick-A-Part Pirate

Miss Combustion and her Gasoline Girls stumbled upon this rough and tumble gypsy scouring the junk yard seas for buried treasure. Eager to join a new “crew,” Miss Adventure came aboard and got straight to work. Watch out for this one. You’ll quickly be minus a vessel if she decides to commandeer it.


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